Yevgeniy Novozhylov

Евгений Новожилов

Yevgeniy Novozhylov

Legal Department Director

Yevgeniy Novozhylov leads the INTECH legal department since November 2018.

He has more than 15 years of legal experience in such business areas as legal services, manufacturing, wholesale/retail, construction, real estate, financial services. During his career, Yevgeniy Novozhylov gained practical experience in large system companies with extensive geography and subsidiaries abroad. He has successful experience in optimizing and describing business processes, implementing internal documents, developing draft regulations, and participating in ACC/EBA working groups. Prior to INTECH, Yevgeniy served as head of the legal support department at Corum Group.

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Law of DonNU with a degree in Law and the International University of Finance with a degree in Finance.