New Projects

INTECH is actively seeking new investment opportunities through in-depth analysis of industrial markets on its own, and is also ready to act as a co-investor in new projects.



Intech investmentsThe analysis of new projects is conducted according to the approved investment strategy:
  • The target company provides industrial services and/or manufactures industrial products.
  • INTECH prefers to own a majority stake in a company, but we are also ready to consider a minority stake
  • INTECH provides smart money – in addition to capital, the company connects experienced sales, procurement, and logistics teams in order to boost the growth of the company
  • INTECH invests both in the development of existing businesses (growth capital) and in greenfield projects
  • Investment horizon is 5-7 years for M&A and 8-10 years for Greenfield
  • IRR of projects starts from 25%
  • The target capital investment is $2-30 mln of equity per project.

If you have an investment project that needs a reliable and experienced investor, please contact our Strategy Director Dmytro Shchur to discuss it in more detail.

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