Industrial services

INTECH is a niche railway logistics operator.



INTECH started products shipping with railway carriages in 2013. Today the company is one of the top 10 operators of gondola train cars in Ukraine. INTECH provides a wide range of transportation services and offers the market effective solutions to logistics problems.

The strategic function of the business – to ensure the logistics security of goods at UMG Investments.   Парк вагоновThe task of the logistics department is to provide the carriage of products to internal and external customers. The range of goods is vast and includes limestone, ash and slag materials, granular slags, rare industrial gases, mineral fertilizers (ammonium sulfate), raw materials for the production of flux-cored wire and briquettes, briquettes and flux-cored wires themselves. To support the logistics processes, the portfolio of the company's service providers includes more than 200 contractors capable of arranging the shipping of goods weighing from 2 kg to 40,000 tons. There are 17 employees working in the department. In 2020, INTECH transported more than 3 million tons of products by rail and 90 thousand tons by road. &nbsp The department is involved in numerous intra-group projects as a logistics consultant. It develops and improves the working processes of existing directions.

Company experience

Shipping with all types of transport, depending on the needs of customers and their clients: tanks, trucks, dump trucks, specialized auto and railway transport. Besides, the logistics department organizes river, sea, and air transportation.

Railway logistics

The experience of transporting our own cargo allows us to provide quality service to our clients. Today INTECH owns 242 gondola train cars. The department cooperates with the owners of the rolling stock, attracting the required number of railway cars for rent. Our team of professionals operates a fleet of more than 1,000 gondola train cars. We serve the needs of more than 40 customers, whose cargo is handled at 90 railway stations located in Ukraine and beyond.

How to order transportation?

  INTECH stands for high-quality standards in the provision of logistics services, meeting the needs of intragroup customers and external customers. If you wish to order cargo transportation, use the feedback form at the bottom of the page, or use the form on the Contacts page.

Transition to automated control

In 2017, a decision was made to purchase a software product and develop a site to account department's projects traffic. Automation allows to minimize the human factor, reduce the "manual labor" of managers, making more time for participation in new projects. Improving the quality of the received reports allows us to quickly analyze transportation, factors that affect delivery times and quality of services. Using Power BI, the department implemented forms of analytics for the entire rail market. This allows us to make timely decisions, adjust carriage plans for the next month, predict the real volume of services that we can provide to our clients. INTECH has approved internal regulations for the transition to digital document flow both with suppliers and customers of services. The ability to use digital document management significantly reduces the speed of document exchange and lowers the cost of working with papers, and the risk of losing them is reduced.

Automobile logistics

In addition to providing shipping services by rail, the team daily monitors the carriage of goods of domestic customers with road transport. The average monthly indicator is 400 transported units (including the involvement of specialized and ADR vehicles). The selection of automobile and container carriers and forwarders is carried out by using a tender platform, so each participant can count on equal and fair conditions of cooperation.

I have a truck. How to offer transportation service?

  Our team is working daily to expand the range of logistics service providers. If you are an owner or a freight forwarder of a truck - contact us using the form below.