Industrial digitalization (Industrialization 4.0)

INTECH introduces modern technologies into the business processes of industrial enterprises to improve efficiency and safety.

Our mission is to provide the industry of Ukraine with digital tools to become world leaders in businesses within Industry 4.0

Industrialization 4.0

Industrial digitalization

industrializationIn 2020, INTECH started a new direction of digital solutions for industrial enterprises. A team of professionals manages projects from digital consulting and solution architecture to integration and maintenance.

We boost the efficiency of the industrial sector using the Industry 4.0 toolkit.

Our solutions use the following technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Vision

We aim to provide the Ukrainian enterprises with effective tools for transition to a new era of the industrial revolution, increasing the transparency of processes and overall economic efficiency.

The approach to industrial digitalization is about a deep understanding of the actual business processes, and bottlenecks for each client. The synergy of these two factors leads to the high quality of provided solutions, return of investments, improved quality of ready products and simplification of client’s decision-making processes. Our main goal is the success of our clients.

Within the framework of this direction, INTECH is engaged in full support of business digitalization projects. We provide digital audits to identify “bottlenecks” in business processes, which can be eliminated by the introduction of certain technologies. We also prepare a consulting project and technical specifications with calculated budgets for digital transformation projects; implement the solutions of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, chatbots, provide support to the entire digitalization process and post-maintenance.

industrialization 4.0INTECH implements ready solutions for the following areas:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Mining complex
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Energy companies
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Industrial platform

Industrial digitalization solutions from INTECH:

MDC+ is an equipment monitoring system for increasing OEE (overall equipment efficiency), reducing downtime and controlling its causes, tracking the movement of products both in the workshop and between workshops. The entire system has over 100 built-in analytical reports to help the client make effective, data-driven management decisions.

MDC+ complex:

  • monitors the status of universal machines and CNC machines. Requires minimal time to integrate into production infrastructure. The system can be deployed on a wired industrial Internet, via WiFi, or using its own wireless data transfer protocol. It depends on the cybersecurity requirements and the specific situation at the enterprise.
  • provides reliable information about downtime, load, MTBF, control programs in the operation of each machine.

MDC+ operates with a wide range of interfaces and communication protocols and retrieves information from any machine tool.

Industrial digitalizationArtificial intelligence for metallurgy gives options to boost the efficiency of production.

We integrate machine learning algorithms into the steelmaking process to optimize the use of ferroalloys. Algorithms can learn to work with any task, e.g. how to control the slab scrap or to fix scrap and its type in the cold-rolling shop at a speed of more than 20 meters per second!

The digital platform is a unique platform solution that allows integration of any equipment or separately taken existing and new sensors in the enterprise. This solution makes it possible not only to structure all information about production in one place but also to customize Artificial Intelligence algorithms to solve analytical problems on the entire volume of collected data.

The complex of computer vision solutions. Some of these functions can be a complex of smart video analytics for labor protection purposes. Machine vision automatically records wearing of personal protective equipment, recognizes non-standard behavior, e.g. talking on the phone, smoking in the wrong place, access to unauthorized objects or violation of safety rules, dangerous to life. For example, smart vision recognizes the movement of rolling stock in the enterprise. Therefore, the moment it tries to move in the wrong place, the system turns on the siren and sends a notification to the labor protection panel.

The next set of solutions based on these technologies is used in the processes of fixing defects / checking the correctness of the work done. It provides the external automatic inspection of surfaces and components to determine the quality of the finished product, systematization of defects in real-time. It is used not only to fix the presence but also to analyze the causes of occurrence and for correction in the future.

Smart warehouse management systemsSmart warehouse management systems based on Internet of Things technologies

This class of solutions is a proprietary development for the end customer based on preliminary digital audit and consulting.

Example: based on the synergy of smart vision systems and RFID tags and readers, our system allows the customer to record the movement of equipment in an open warehouse space between stacks. They can also control the selection of the correct loading place to mitigate the risk of fraud. Through the Smart Camera, the system captures the customer’s transport, and through the protocols of integration with the customer’s CRM system, it assigns the correct final loading point for it. The RFID tag is fixed (issued in advance at the checkpoint instead of a pass) per order, displaying on the large screen at the checkpoint the number of the loading place with further prompts for moving to the loading area. A system of hidden readers monitors the path of the customer’s vehicle and the movement of the loader, and records the movement of the loader bucket in real-time, simultaneously turning on the front video camera aimed at the bucket. Thus, this solution eliminates the possibility of loading at another stack almost completely. The created digital infrastructure makes it possible to define functions that increase the convenience of users, including reduced time spent by vehicles in the loading area, and increase the overall ability to receive vehicles by the enterprise.


modern technologiesThis technology is not new for world practice. INTECH is actively implementing it among industrial companies to automate operational interaction processes: both within the company (e.g. chatbots for HR department) and during interaction with the customer’s end customers (e.g. a chatbot for an industrial enterprise where one can make an order and view the history of previous orders to repeat them).

These technologies lead to optimization of personnel workload at the enterprise and also increase the “average check” of the client. Communication in the chatbot is recorded, the new volume of information allows customers to analyze the path of the end customer in the process of ordering, improve post-sale service and order support, improving the customer’s consumer experience,
and increasing the company’s image and its competitiveness at non-price criteria.