Cored wire

Production of cored wire


At INTECH, the production of cored wire for out-of-furnace processing began in 2016. Today, the company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cored wire in Ukraine, produces its various types, and remains true to its main principle – offering the market only the highest quality products.

Types of cored wire

порошковая проволока

The cored wire is a thin-walled steel tube with powdered fillers required for metal smelting. The wire is used in out-of-furnace processing to adjust the quality features of steel and cast iron.

Currently, there are various types of this product. The main differences between the existing metallurgical cored wires are the filler composition, diameter, profile and thickness of the shell, the size and orientation of the coils, and the presence of a metal frame.


You can order cored wire with the following fillers from INTECH:

  • metallic calcium
  • magnesium
  • silicocalcium
  • ferrotitanium
  • carbon

The company can also produce cored wire with other content and type of fillers after the reconciliation of product features.

Wire for out-of-furnace metallurgical melts processing: types, chemical composition and filling, the purpose of the chemical elements used in cored wire

The filler composition corresponds to the purpose of the wire in the technological process. The most common filler materials are silicon calcium, metal calcium, steel or cast iron shot, graphite, ferrotitanium, ferrovanadium, rare-earth elements, and other types.

Filler type Filler chemical composition Filler density, g/m Application
Silicocalcium SiCa 30 Ca: 30-32%, Si: 58-62% 205(+30,-12) Active complex deoxidizer. Effective degasser. Reduces non-metallic inclusions, improves fluidity and castability of steel.
SiCa 40 Ca: 38-41%, Si: 50-52% 210(±15)
Ferrocalcium CaFe 30 Ca: 28-31% + metal shot 260(±20) Active complex deoxidizer. Effective degasser. Reduces non-metallic inclusions, improves fluidity and castability of steel. Used in melts with low silicon content.
CaFe 40 Ca: 38-41% + metal shot 215(±10)
Ferrotitanium FeTi 70 Ti: 65-75%, Si: max 1%, C: max 0,4%, Al: max 5% 350(±25) For alloying, it increases the heat resistance of steel, improves adhesion (weldability).
Magnesium staurolite MgSt Mg: 24-26% + staurolite concentrate 74-76%(Al₂O₃=40%) 112(±7) Desulfurization and inoculation of cast iron. Helps to reduce the sulfur content in cast iron.
Ferromanganese with magnesium MgFeMn Mg: 14-18% + FeMn: 82-86% 180(±20) Desulfurization and inoculation of cast iron. Helps to reduce the sulfur content in cast iron.
Ferrosilicon with magnesium MgFeSi Mg: 9-12% + FeSi: 88-91% 250(±20) To increase Si% of cast irons, sulfur globulation.
Carbon wire Сarbonaceous material C: min 95%, S: max 0,7%, Calx: max 4%, Humidity: max 0,9% 150(±15) It is used to fine-tune the carbon content in a narrow range.
Graphite C: min 98%, S: max 0,1%, Calx: max 0,6% 150(±15)


*By agreement with the customer, other components can be used, along with other filler ratios, and filling density in 1 running meter.

Cored wire production process


производство порошковой проволоки

The cored wire is a steel tube with powdered fillers. The base of the product is a steel strip that is cold-formed into a circle. The formed gutter is filled with powder, and after that, the edges of the tape are closed in a “lock”. The resulting wire is wound into coils of various sizes according to the customer’s requirements.

The following requirements are imposed on a cored wire:

  • uniform filling along the length of 1 running meter;
  • strength of the lengthwise lock;
  • the presence or absence of a lengthwise stiffener (a compensator);
  • the integrity of the shell;
  • the quality of winding and packaging of the coil.

The production of cored wire consists of the following main operations:

  • preparation of tape and fillers;
  • shaping the gutter, filling it with powder, and closing the edges in a “lock”;
  • control of parameters (filling in 1 running meter, wire diameter).

What is the cored wire used for?

заказать порошковую проволоку

This product is used in almost all steel and iron foundries, regardless of the capacity of the casting ladles. The process of introducing cored wire is carried out in metal finishing installations at the final stages of fusion.

Cored wire for complex processing of liquid steel helps to provide accuracy of dosed input of components, ensures their high and stable assimilation, uniform distribution over the metal area, and, thus, is the basis for precision processing of liquid metal. It includes:


  • chemical analysis: allows to get exact compliance with the standard of the main elements in the finished metal;
  • modification: control of the melt oxidation, composition, shape, and amount of non-metallic inclusions;
  • refining: removal of harmful impurities;
  • microalloying: introducing alloying elements and adjusting the content of chemical elements within narrowly specified limits;
  • ensuring castability of steel and cast iron;
  • improving the quality of finished metal products;
  • significant reduction of expensive ferroalloys consumption in comparison with traditional lump bushing.

The use of cored wire for out-of-furnace metallurgical melts processing makes it possible to reduce the consumption of materials for adjusting the chemical composition of the metal, alloying and modifying steel and cast iron, to increase the efficiency of their assimilation by the melt due to the reduction of waste, and also to increase the environmental safety of manufacturing.

How to order cored wire?

For many years, INTECH has been demonstrating high-quality indicators in metallurgical products manufacturing, gaining the trust of domestic and foreign customers.

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