In 2019, the turnover of INTECH company increased by 39 % and reached $ 107 million

27. 01. 2020

In 2019, the turnover of Ukraine-based INTECH company along with the assets under its management reached $ 107 million (+ 39 %; the data hereinafter are indicated as percentages compared to 2018). The company registered record-breaking key figures in each of its activities: metallurgy products, logistics, and industrial explosives. UAH 286,3 million of taxes were deducted to the state budget.

The supply of metallurgy products reached 43,7 thousand metric tons (+ 32 %), which is equivalent to the following ratio: + 30 % of metallurgical briquettes, + 42 % of flux-cored wire. In July 2019, over 1300 metric tons of flux-cored wire were produced, which set an absolute record in production. The number of metallurgical factories-consumers increased by 2.5 times, and the range of products considerably expanded.

The increase in freight traffic in the logistics field was 38%. In a year, the company made 43 thousand rail freight shipments and exported 2.8 million metric tons of cargo by its own and leased wagon fleet. It is noteworthy that its own wagon fleet increased up to 200 units. In 2019, the number of its own road freight shipments increased to 5.5 thousand.

INTECH-managed PJSC “Industrial and production enterprise “Kryvbasvybukhprom“ has set a performance record for the past 8 years. The company fulfilled all the orders of the mining and refining factory for 2019, which is about 49.5 million metric tons (+ 17 %). Last year, the company appointed a new management team and implemented the largest investment program in recent years, amounting to nearly $ 1 million, VAT included.

“Ukrainian small and medium enterprises involved in the segment of industrial goods and services need new investments, technologies, and professional staff. Ukraine has great potential in this segment. A complete restart of such a large sector of the economy will help create new jobs, and will also increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian producers in international markets. This will make Ukraine more attractive for foreign investments,” said Serhii Melnychenko, INTECH CEO.

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